PROJECT DATE: 2006-2015

Metropolis Ensemble is an up-and-coming orchestra in New York City that features the brightest young talents in the classical world. With a strategic focus on producing innovative concert experiences, commissioning exciting new works, and launching a new generation of artists, Metropolis is transforming the relationships between music, artist, audiences, and patrons. Musicians and composers in the Metropolis community also contribute to a larger cultural conversation in myriad ways: teaching young students music appreciation and composition, performing in local schools, hosting new music discussions on broadcast media, and even curating concerts through Metropolis' resident artist program.

I've served as marketing director alongside founder and Grammy-nominated artistic director Andrew Cyr since the nonprofit's inception in 2006. Together, Andrew and I shape a seamless artistic experience: from email and social media driving guests to the critically-acclaimed concerts in NYC and back to our web platform post-show. A massive online audience experiences Metropolis projects (through video, audio, photos, behind-the-scenes posts, interviews, and exclusive online features) with many times the viewership of our local shows. Metropolis is also building a formidable membership base who share their enthusiasm, volunteer time, and patronage throughout the year. 

It's an exciting moment for classical music and Metropolis is leading the way with a refreshing and joyous perspective. 
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